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About Us
       Doctor Martin has helped thousands of persons with limited sight gain back independent living skills.  Macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, optic nerve disorders are very common conditions seen in our clinic.  There is hope.  There are solutions.  Our Services include: comprehensive eye examinations, vision rehabilitation services, ocular fundus photography, contact lenses, neuro-integration with colored filters, foreign body removal, and pharmacological treatment of ocular diseases.  
       We also demonstrate and prescribe low vision devices to help individuals with vision loss, regain independent living skills.  We want you to continue to read, to write, to look at family photos, to get back to hobbies( sewing, knitting, painting, tying flies etc.) that have been difficult or impossible with your vision loss.       
       Often individuals are told by their eyecare professionals that there is nothing that can be done for their eye condition.  While there may not be any medical treatment available, there are low vision devices that are available. The low vision devices we prescribe will help you use your remaining sight.  Your newspaper or bible can be enlarged and / or projected onto your TV.  Your watch can tell you the time if you can't see the numbers.  Telescopes mounted into your glasses can help you view TV and see faces of friends and family. In some cases individuals may even be able to drive again.  Signing checks and paying bills are much easier if you can see them many times larger.       
        Even though your vision can not be restored, your visual skills can be enhanced.  Let us help you regain your independence.
                             Dr. Richard Martin
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